Smoked ham served one wooden board Fresh milk and home made dairy products at Sessel Schwaige Views of South Tyrol from Mount Sciliar Dumplings with goulash, a traditional South tyrolean dish Marende at Sessel Schwaige

A place to relax

After an active day of hiking in the mountains, you should definitely treat yourself to some of our home made traditional South Tyrolean dishes! We mostly use home made or local ingredients and products. Have some beef goulash with typical Tyrolean dumplings, hearty dumpling soup, baked egg over roasted potatoes and Speck (bacon) and finish the meal devouring some Kaiserschmarrn, a rich plate of fluffy pancakes, raisins and jam – a dish that also qualifies as a full meal. Quench your thirst with a cool beer or some of our own wine that we grow and press at our farm in Völser Aicha.

Typical Tyrolean meals

Lydia and Elmar, the innkeepers, know exactly about the origin of all ingredients used in the kitchen and see it as their mission to not just serve food, but an important part of their culture. South Tyrolean cooking has evolved over hundreds of years and even if today we are aiming for a finer, more delicate flavor, the use of local and regional dairy, meat and vegetables has become more important than ever.

Mountain breakfast

The Sesselschwaige offers a delicious breakfast with homemade bread, butter from the own milk and homemade jam. Of course you get a fragrant coffee or bacon and eggs from the Innerperskoler farm.

Enjoy traditional South Tyrolean dishes at Sessel Schwaige

For a true South Tyrolean, a day of hiking and a traditional Marende at an alpine inn just belong together. Maybe it‘s the crisp and clear air in the mountains that make you develop an appetite for hearty, simple food such as Speck, local cheese and traditional rye bread. Sit down, relax and recover while enjoying the beautiful surroundings at our quaint mountain inn at 1,940 m above sea level.


  • Smoked ham, cut and served on a wooden board
  • Smoked ham, pork sausage and cheese, cut and served on a wooden board
  • Smoked pork sausage
  • Whey cheese marinated with raw onions
  • Goulash Soup
  • Barley Soup
  • Dumpling Soup
  • Pasta with a choice of meat or tomato sauce
  • Baked eggs over roasted potatoes and Speck (bacon)
  • Beef goulash and dumplings
  • Pancake with lingonberry jam
  • Fluffy pancakes with raisins and lingonberry jam
  • Home-made cake or apple strudel
  • Joghurt with marmelade

Mountain breakfast

  • Homemade bread
  • Butter from the own milk
  • Homemade jam
  • coffee, tea
Sunshine in the Alps