Sessel Schwaige, picturesque alpine inn at Mount Sciliar View from the top of Sciliar Mountain facing Bolzano Sessel Schwaige mountain hut in South Tyrol The trail to Sesselschwaige is partly made of coarse wooden billets Grazing cattle on the slopes of Mount Sciliar

Sesselschwaige, a cozy alpine inn on the slopes of Mount Sciliar

A perfect hiking destination at the Sciliar, one of South Tyrole‘s best known landmarks

Sesselschwaige is located about an hour's hike below the vast plateau of Mount Sciliar. Surrounded by green pastures, not far from a clear mountain creek, the inn is popular for taking a break on the way up or down from the Sciliar and its chalets. But the charming little alpine hut is a perfect destination itself and rewards the hiker with typical local culinary delights, fresh dairy products and splendid views of the surrounding woods, slopes and peaks. Since the cottage has no access road and can be reached only by foot, there is true peace and quiet to be found here. Here, you can still get in touch with nature without getting distracted by tacky decor and noisy crowds. The hike itself from Fiè allo Sciliar, Tires or Alpe di Siusi is reasonably easy and poses no major challenges.

Marende – a typical South Tyrolean meal

Especially the locals appreciate to drop by Sesselschwaige for a bite to eat and glass of wine on their way down from Mount Sciliar. If there is one thing that absolutely needs to be sampled, it's the Marende (kursiv) – a traditional, hearty South Tyrolean interim meal, based on Speck (smoked ham), mountain cheese, traditional flat rye bread, wine, beer and butter milk. In the idyllic, picturesque setting of the alpine inn, the typically basic, but high-quality dishes and ingredients offered by the Prieth Family taste twice as good.
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Marked Trail Nr. 1 to Sesselschwaige

Starting in Fiè allo Sciliar (Völs am Schlern in German), take Trail Nr 1 up to Tuffalm mountain pasture. You will pass two little lakes, Völser and Huber Weiher. The trail takes you up through the forest until you reach Tuffalm at around 1,275 m above sea level. Once you get to the lovely pasture of Tuff, keep right and follow the trail back into the forest. Keep following the signposts to Sesselschwaige following the impressive Knüppelweg, a name derived from the coarse wooden billets (“Knüppel”) that were used to built the trail through the narrow little canyon of the Sciliar creek.

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